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The current version has the following functions:

  • Launch Pad: Launch Pad provided info about process, services and help common VM activities
  • VM Config: VM Config provides information about Web and Worker Role Configuration
  • VM Health: VM Health provided VM health status  informtion since VM is running 
  • VM Info: VM Info check different configuration in your VM and provides consolidated information
  • Event Log: Look Application Event log fr errors and wanrning and get some suggestions to solve errors
  • Storage Access: Access Windows Azure Storage to upload and download blobs
  • VHD Mount: Mount a VHD from Azure Storage to access contents directly on VHD inside VM
  • CMD Prompt: Launch Command Prompt within tabs
  • Scratch Pad: Scratch pad is to collect random data from  Azure VM and then upload to Azure Storage
  • Information: Launch Help documents, Check new updates.

 To learn more about each functionalities, please visit specific link..

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