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Project Description
Azure VM Assistant (AzureVMAssist) is an utility which runs inside Azure VM and provide important information about VM environment specific Role details, health information etc. It also helps VM users to do several tasks faster and designed for day to day work on Azure VM. Even though Azure VM are no designed to do day to day work however if are using this utility, it will help you so many ways and provide specific details with minimal efforts.

AzureVMAssist V1.0.0.5 Released Today on June 9th, 2011. 

New Update:

  • Fixed VM Health issues with was caused by latest June 6th FC Update
  • Updated Command Center for Direct Log View
  • Updated Role, App Agent and Machine uptime in VM Info
  • Update VM Configuration view for TCP/IP Endpoint with port 80

Configuration: Open AzureVMAssist.exe.config in notepad and modify the following to get Azure Storage working:

  • <appSettings>
    • <add key="appStorageName" value="Add_your_azure_storage_name" />
    • <add key="appStorageKey" value="Add_your_azure_storage_key" />
  • </appSettings>

The current version has the following functions (To learn more about each functionalities, please visit documentation section):

  • Launch Pad: Launch Pad provided info about process, services and help common VM activities
  • VM Config: VM Config provides information about Web and Worker Role Configuration
  • VM Health: VM Health provided VM health status informtion since VM is running
  • VM Info: VM Info check different configuration in your VM and provides consolidated information
  • Event Log: Look Application Event log fr errors and wanrning and get some suggestions to solve errors
  • Storage Access: Access Windows Azure Storage to upload and download blobs
  • VHD Mount: Mount a VHD from Azure Storage to access contents directly on VHD inside VM
  • CMD Prompt: Launch Command Prompt within tabs
  • Scratch Pad: Scratch pad is to collect random data from Azure VM and then upload to Azure Storage
  • Information: Launch Help documents, Check new updates.

If you have certain idea or want a feature to be implemented within, please suggest. I am sure this tool haven't tested for almost all scenarios so if you happen to find any issue, please send it to my way. 


I will appreciate any feedback on this regard.

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